The Website Circle is a collaboration of graphic and web artists who create websites and graphic designs that actually work, that get noticed and stand out in today's forest of sites. No cookie-cutter templates, no do-it-yourself websites that are nothing more than online business cards – our sites are handcrafted, always, and precisely tailored to what your business needs.

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Web Designs

Our handcrafted web designs are specifically designed for your products, your brand, your expectations.

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The way we do branding is not just a fancy logo, it is the art of visually capturing the essence of your business.

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From digital to print graphic designs, we transform your identity as a business from concept to realization.

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Our Services

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Contact us and let us know what you want and we will get you exactly what you’re looking for, from updates or a new website to real optimization, graphic designs, branding and more. We’ll do it right, we’ll do it fast and we can help you turn your online identity into a center of activity!

Who we are


We aren’t big and brash, which usually means bad news for your budget. We’re not part of a network selling $1 cookie-cutter websites and tired gaphics. Nor would we refer to ourselves as a boutique agency.

We’re small, professional and the driving force behind everything we do (apart from coffee) is producing what’s right for you and your target audience, rather than our portfolio. So we spend our time working closely with our clients to make a good impression where it really counts.